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Property For Sale In Nicosia Makes A Good Investment

It wasn’t until a decade ago that interest in buying and selling property on Cyprus picked up among foreigners intrigued by the pleasures of living and investing in the island nation. Thanks to its beauty and modernization, the quality of life and investment potential in Cyprus rank high.

Nicosia provides a metropolitan environment, ideal for those seeking property located in such surroundings. Though a centrally located bustling modern city, it has not compromised on its rich and ancient cultural history. Ideally located on the central plain, it is an equidistant hour and a half drive from the mountains as well as the beaches on the southern shore.

Until recently, prices for holiday homes and permanent residences in Cyprus have been rather low. However, rising demand for property for sale in Nicosia and the rest of Cyprus has seen prices rise sharply. To get the best value for your money, there is no better time to buy or sell Cyprus property than right now.

Cyprus’ government makes it easy for foreigners to purchase land, and thousands of British have taken advantage of the low taxes and prices. Retirees can also collect their pensions with no taxes at all while living in Cyprus.

The homes for sale in Nicosia range from modern apartments with every convenience you can imagine to traditional homes that require some repairs. Many villas and large houses are also available, and the prices of many apartments start below 70,000 pounds. Cyprus is a very affordable country, with property available at much lower prices than in Italy or Spain.

Cyprus is well served by international airports and it’s easy to get a cheap flight to Cyprus from most European airports. Tourism is booming here and so there is great potential that property for sale in Nicosia could be used as a holiday destination for a few weeks a year, then rented to tourists the rest of the time. Cyprus property agents are eager to assist interested potential buyers and can introduce them to mortgage providers who are keen to attract investment from abroad.