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Cyprus Property For Sale in Protaras is Outstanding

Cyprus property for sale in Protaras provides all aspects of the property spectrum from Cyprus apartments in Protaras, in the middle of the throbbing nightlife to dream luxury villas overlooking miles and miles of pristine coastline. A Cyprus map of Protaras shows that it is on the East of the island situated just above Agia Napa and below the ghost town of Famagusta in the occupied North Cyprus.

Many people only know of the tourist district of the region, but it also has important agricultural terrain known locally as the ‘red soil’ area, which is mainly flat and is where the famous Cyprus potatoes and many other vegetables are grown. A Cyprus map of Protaras will show the main attraction for Cyprus property for sale along the 10 miles of beautiful coastline is Fig Tree Bay which is very popular with families who can enjoy the sparkling turquoise waters which are clean and safe for swimming. There is an amazing selection of water sports available, including jet skiing, water skiing, snorkeling, diving and many others.

Cyprus property for sale can be a great investment for those looking for a holiday home and rental income, but you must be aware that the main season is fairly short from May to September and almost the whole area shuts down from the end of October to April and therefore if you are thinking of a Cyprus apartment in Protaras you must take this into account when doing your calculations. Even the McDonalds in the town is closed in winter – honestly!! For some this is the charm of the area that you have the mad season when the place is full of life and then contrast this to the winter months when you have the place to yourself!

Cyprus apartments in Protaras and Cyprus property for sale in general still offer overseas investors attractive opportunities, the market is booming and the prices of land are still increasing. The climate of course is a major factor to those who come to live and visit the island. There are still proper seasons here which may come as a surprise to someone who has only visited in the summer, spring has beautiful flowers in the hedgerows, blossom on the trees and green rolling hills, which gradually fade into the summer landscape of sunburnt and brown fields which in the autumn need the merest hint of moisture and they are green again and then the winters are mild compared to northern Europe, but there is nearly always snow in the Troodos and believe it or not skiing!

The Cyprus map of Protaras shows how close the town is to the main clubbing centre of Agia Napa, and many people like to use Cyprus apartments in Protaras as their base so they can get into the town easily at night, but have a slightly more restful stay at other times. Cyprus property for sale in the area is great value for money and is still slightly better value than the West of the Island, but this is equalising month by month so now may be the time to get your feet wet in the Cyprus property for sale market!