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Glen Rose Real Estate Market Growing Thanks to Demand for Exurban Subdivisions

Although most widely known as the Dinosaur Capitol of Texas and for its travel and tourism appeal, Glen Rose, Texas is quickly gaining a reputation as a highly sought after city to live in. As recently as 2004, Glen Rose was voted as America’s Dream Town, an honor bestowed upon the city that best exemplifies small town values, civic pride and embraces its heritage. As a result of the town’s recent exposure and its proximity to the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex, families and retirees are flocking to this picturesque small town located 50 miles southwest of Fort Worth and snatching up real estate at a rapid pace.

A recent story from the Journal of the Real Estate Center of Texas A&M noted that the demand of exurban housing projects, which are housing projects in rural areas that have convenient access to major urban areas as well as attractive terrain, are on the rise. Glen Rose is a city that is reaping the benefits of this growing real estate trend.

Marilyn Phillips of Sunrise Properties states, “Many times as a realtor it is my job to sell someone on the town or community. I am fortunate in that respect. Glen Rose easily sells itself. When you add excellent schools, wonderful people, proximity to the metroplex and quality of life to the great location, you see why people love it here and want to live here.”

The Real Estate Center of Texas A&M (recenter.tamu.edu) also notes that the groups leading this charge to the exurban areas are retirees, second homebuyers and the largest group- nonlocal, suburban working families. Developers of the exurban communities report that this group is generally seeking a lifestyle change. They are disenchanted with the suburbs, which they feel are too dense and “cookie cutter”, with congested roads, dangerous schools and too complex quality of life. They want a peaceful rural life in a country chic setting.

Hank Jones from Quad J Realty adds, “The real estate market in Glen Rose is definitely on the rise, especially among families coming here from the big city. Aside from the fact that Glen Rose is the gateway to the Texas hill country and we have these great rolling hills and clean, clear rivers, families are moving here for the fantastic school system and the incredibly low crime rate.” Mr. Jones goes on to state, “Our retirement population has also been on the increase. We are seeing the retirees coming to Glen Rose because of the Squaw Valley Golf Course, which is rated as one of the top 10 public courses in Texas and because of our new medical facility, which has some of the finest medical technology available.”

Its not only realtors who are enjoying the rise in the areas popularity, but builders are also experiencing heavy workloads trying to keep up with the real estate demands.

Jim Gartrell, owner of Jim Gartrell Builders, says he has seen consistent, steady growth over the past few years in terms of new homes built. One trend he has noticed is that people are buying several acres of land at a time, but are not doing anything with it.

“With the Glen Rose real estate selling so quickly, a lot of people are buying land now for use later in life for things like retirement or to pass along to children” states Mr. Gartrell. One such example is a developing subdivision just outside of town called Cheyenne Hills Estates where tracts of multiple acreage are being bought up quickly.

Another appeal to people moving to Glen Rose is the style of homes that are being built. Mr. Gartrell refers to them as “hill country” style homes. These homes are characterized by rock facades, wrap around limestone porches and metal roofs. An excellent example of this style is on one of the local hotels. The Dinosaur Valley Inn and Suites (www.dinosaurvalleyinn.com), which was featured in Southern Living magazine, was built by Jim Gartrell builders and features all of the classic elements of the “hill country” style home, but on a larger scale, and lends a down home charm to the facility and provides an excellent example of the style of homes in Glen Rose. For visitors interested in seeing this hotel, it is located directly adjacent to the new expo center.

For an area of its size, Glen Rose and the rest of Somervell County stand tall in the great state of Texas. There are really no other towns of similar size that can compare to the amenities, attractions, entertainment and relative location that Glen Rose boasts. For those reasons and many more it is clear why real estate in Glen Rose continues to be a hot commodity.

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