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Latest in Hyderabad Real Estate Market

Hyderabad real estate is seeing a sudden shift in the recent times. This growing market was pulled down by the constant political and economic uncertainty in the entire state. Although experts suggest that things will change by the last quarter of 2014, things have still not revived from last year’s political trouble. Many studies and research have been done to understand the current trend in the Hyderabad realty market.

According to reports, the residential housing segment was affected the most with a 4 % dip in overall sales by the end of 2013. The market has mostly remained stagnant with low absorption levels. The number of new projects in Hyderabad also dropped by nearly 15% compared to 2012. The year 2013 saw most residential markets like Chennai, Mumbai and Hyderabad witness a gradual slow-down. The sluggish economic growth, high interest rates and inflation have caused this temporary period of lull. Compared to other IT/ITes driven markets like Chennai and Bangalore, Hyderabad has shown only 13% increase in residential housing prices. In conclusion Hyderabad is the most affordable residential housing market in metropolitan India. Top-end flats in Hyderabad, at luxury residential areas like Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills range between INR 6500 to 7500 per sq. Ft.

The commercial real estate in Hyderabad has also witnessed a depreciation. There has been a considerable fall in the rentals in 2013. Reports suggest that Hyderabad is the least expensive office market in the world, overtaking the latest office market of Indonesia. The falling value of the Indian rupee has also affected the rental trends here. There has been a considerable fall in commercial real estate in Hyderabad with rentals at INR 58 per sq. Ft. In 2012 to INR 45 per sq. Ft. In 2013, Hyderabad was followed by Chennai, Pune and Bangalore for the least expensive office spaces in the world, according to reports.

An emerging trend in the Hyderabad realty market are senior citizen apartments or homes. Retirement home seems to be the new target market for many realtors across all metros in India. Reports said that there are around 30 senior living projects in major metros including Hyderabad. With prices being relatively low here, chances are that the market will witness a growing demand for such projects. Not only multi-Storeyed apartments, but senior citizen friendly individual house for sale in Hyderabad will see a gradual demand.

Talking about trends in the Hyderabad realty market, another important development here is the upcoming green building. Reports suggest that since amendments were made to the Andhra Pradesh Building Rules, the builders will lean towards environmentally friendly, greener ways of construction. In Hyderabad alone, more than 100 apartment projects have rainwater harvesting and solar panels in place. This in not restricted to residential spaces only. Commercial developments also adhere to rules and regulations formulated by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Individual homes are also encouraged to compost pits at home to reduce household waste in the city. Environment friendly practices are sure to Hyderabad a clean and green city.